Toronto Restaurants struggle with the challenges of Covid

For months of trying to hide from the Covid-19 virus, politicians  who have been forcing businesses to close, restricting their venues by only offering outdoor dining, and enforcing social distancing, limited capacities, enforcing early closing times and the constantly changing the rules, it is time to learn to live with the knowledge that this virus will be around for awhile.

Politicians need to let go. The restaurant industry is a very small percentage of the pandemic problem and need their freedoms back. They pay high commercial rents, contribute jobs to the employment pool, and many are on the brink of closing their doors forever. For some, it is already too late. 

People like to dine out, let them. Let them make their own choices. The experience of a steak house overlooking the water or simply sharing burgers with friends are moments that make good memories. People hunger for company and food. For too long, politicians have been over parenting this industry during this 7-8 month period like a mother not realizing her child is grown up. 

It is not time for baby steps or color schemes and plans for the restaurant industry, it is time to let go. Give the restaurant owners back their commercial expression as written in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Politicians are killing people's dreams and life long accomplishments to protect the 1 %. The one percent have choices; they can stay home, they can isolate, they can restrict their own outings and contacts without destroying the entrepreneurs that believed in Canada's freedoms and economic challenges. Business owners believed they could succeed with their commerce; all they needed was to be allowed to make their own choices. They lost that choice, that freedom, for numbers and stats that make no sense. Why are we so worried about cases instead of deaths? 

Canada was great once.... it can be great again, but decisions need to be made on protecting these businesses. There is a candle of hope and the flame is dwindling. Is it already too late?

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