Shifts in Time 1: The Escape


Shifts in Time 2: The Offspring


Shifts in Time 3: Are you a superhero


Ray Smith is a Canadian best-selling author,
Shifts in Time 1: The Escape

Carleton University educated, an ex-military officer, entrepreneur, real estate and advertising guru. He has submerged himself  writing. Ray loves to travel and works out five days a week on his body and seven days a week on his mind. Shifts in Time is a sci-fi series with a underlying love story about alien shape shifters who travel in time.

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Ray Smith Canadian Best Sellling Author
Shifts in Time 2: The Offspring

Hunted by time travelers, a boy, a human and half alien is discovering who he is and what he is. With powers of telekenisis, telepathy, and shapeshifting, his mother, the human part of his gentics, is afraid of him. This delicate balance of love and fear are the building blocks of this sci-fi adventure.

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Ray Smith, Canadian Best selling author
Shifts in Time 3: Are you a Superhero,

This alien hybrid is a shapeshifter with very unique powers. A time traveling ship, world espionage and a new enemy revealed in this sci-fi suspenseful thriller. The characters come to life in every page. The plots drives forward at a fast speed and there are surprises in every chapter. The love story is woven so tightly in the story you barely see it coming... 

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Canadian Best-Selling Author Ray Smith

Shifts in Time is a series of sci-fi novels with alien shape shifters that travel through time.Written by Canadian best-selling author, Murray Ray Smith.

1. Shifts in Time 1: The Escape
2. Shifts in Time 2: The Offspring
3. Shifts in Time 3: Are you a Superhero?
4. Shifts in Time 4: Marcus  (Released date Dec 2019)

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